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  • Both of the meeting rooms require the ability to host an in-house presentation option as-well as a Microsoft Teams video conferencing solution.

  • Although both rooms are different in size with their own individual requirements, both require consistency in their approach in order to streamline the meeting room setup process.

  • From the end users point of view, the meetings rooms need to be simple to operate.



Small VC Solution

The smaller of the meeting rooms was setup with a freestanding display mount with a stand-alone Yealink VC setup. This included a dedicated PC, PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) camera, a soundbar and touch controller, allowing users to simply enter the room without any device and setup a Microsoft Teams meeting.

We also included wireless microphones to solve the previous sound issues the client had with 3rdparties hearing voices within the room.

A BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) option is also available for local presentations, by utilising the Yealink wireless presentation pod. This provided a simple one touch sharing option for local presenters.

Large VC Solution

Following the specification, the larger meeting room required consistency with the smaller VC solution, even though the hardware is likely to be different. This was achieved by utilising the same dedicated in-room PC hosting Microsoft Teams, making the process of scheduling/ hosting VC’s the same.

This in turn was running with Biamp Hardware, including 2x professional grade conference pendant microphones, a new conference PTZ, 8x pendant speakers and amplifier, all housed tidily inside a dedicated lockable cabinet.

As with the small meeting room, a one touch presentation sharing solution was provided, ensuring presenters a “plug and play” setup.

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